Best Artificial Grass - Now Available!

We know it has been a long wait but now when we are asked if we sell artificial grass, we can say "Yes!"

We have been searching for the right products that are good quality at a good price and will last for a long time. It has been hard but we have finally found them. 

All our grasses are pet safe, for those that have a furry friend that they hold dear to their heart and can be purchased in any size you require. We can also supply all the necessary accessories to make sure that your grass stays put and looks the same as it did when you put it down.

Please be aware that we are currently doing collection and local delivery only.

Introductory offers now on!

Introducing our different variants:

Aspire Grass - For those that do not want to break the bank, but still want the ease of no hassle gardening, our Budget grass is our entry level grass. With our usual eye on quality, we haven't cut any corners when selecting the best grass' we can find. - Available from £9.99 per m² plus delivery  


Oxford Grass - If you are looking for a very natural grass for our weather, then this is the grass for you. Made to imitate our local grass, this is for someone that doesn't want people to know they have artificial grass. All the looks with none of the maintenance. - Available from £19.99 per m² plus delivery
Miami Grass - For a healthy and bright grass, this is the one for you. This grass will always look its best, no matter the season, weather or location. You will get asked how you keep your grass looking so good. Don't worry, we won't tell if you won't. - Available from £21.99 per m² plus delivery
Premium Grass - One of the best Artificial Grass' on the market. No matter what you want from your grass, this has it. - Available from £27.99 per m² plus delivery
Supreme Grass - If money is no object and you just want the best that you can get, then look no farther. We have painstakingly searched for the best that we can get, and this is it. - Available from £29.99 per m² plus delivery
Links Grass - For the golfer who doesn't want to leave the house, you can now buy some of our Golf grass and play at home. Weather you want a small bit for a pull-out putting green, or have enough for a full 18 par course. We have you covered. - Available from £29.99 per m² plus delivery


For more information or if you would like a quote - Please contact us on 028 7055 8374 or send us an e-mail at